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How To Program The Select Sensor With The ATEQ VT55

Step 1.Step 2.Step 3.
From the Main Menu select "Program Blank Sensor" and press enter.From the Vehicle Selection menu select "Make" and press enter.From the Make menu select the vehicle "Menu" and press enter.
Step 4.Step 5.Step 6.
From the vehicle Model menu select the "Year" and press enter.From the Program Blank Sensor menu select "STEELMAN Select" option and press enter.From the STEELMAN Select menu select "Create New Sensor" and press enter.
Step 7.Step 8.Step 9.
Position STEELMAN Select Sensor with the valve stem pointed towards the VT55 antenna and hold in place. Press "Enter".VT55 will prompt the correct STEELMAN Select Sensor (315 or 433 MHz). Press the "Write" or Test button.The VT55 will confirm the STEELMAN Select Sensor programming success.
NOTE: Program the STEELMAN® Select Sensor away from other TPMS sensors and other RF interference.
NOTE: After a new sensor is installed in the vehicle, always perform a vehicle relearn to ensure the TPMS system is operating and communicating properly, and clearing out previous sensor fault codes.

How To Program The Select Sensor With The Bartec T500

Step 1.Step 2.Step 3.
Scroll to and Select (press Enter) “Program Sensor”.Select Make-Model-Year.Scroll to and Select (press Enter) “STEELMAN Select”.
Step 4.Step 5.Step 6.
Tool will default to Program Sensor Toolbox, press Enter.Scroll to and Select (press Enter) Wheel Position.Select (press Enter) “Create ID”.
Step 7.Step 8.
Following on tool prompts, place sensor in front of tool and press Enter.Step 7 continued.Tool will program sensor and display “Program Successfully”.

How To Replace The Select Sensor Valve

STEELMAN® Select Sensors are designed to work with either a rubber snap-in valve stem or a metal clamp-in valve stem (aluminum and chrome are available). This enables the installer to match the valve stem type on the TPMS Equipped vehicle.

- The 97353 snap-in valve stem is connected to the sensor using a 7mm nut.
- The 97354 aluminum clamp-in valve stem and 97336 chrome clamp-in valve stem is connected to the sensor using a T10 torque screw.

To remove or install a valve from the STEELMAN® Select Sensor use the 96198 Torque Tool. The torque tool is preset to 12-in-lbs. (1.4 Nm).

  • When removing or installing a valve stem - grip the valve stem and body. Use the 96198 Torque Tool with the T10 hex bit or 7mm socket.
  • When installing a new valve, make sure the valve is properly seated in this sensor body. Tighten the T10 screw or 7mm lock nut until you hear a "click" indicating the proper torque has been achieved.

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