ATEQ Mitsubishi Reset Tool

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ATEQ’s TPMS Sensor Check Box. Introducing the ONE and only way to mount worry free TPMS sensors on your client’s vehicle. A faulty TPMS sensor can be dangerous even though it has been created to reduce risks. What can go wrong in a TPMS sensor? The pressure sensor port might be plugged by tire repair sealants. The wrong pressure range might have been applied to the sensor, thus providing a difference between your gauge and TPMS reading. The pressure sensor chamber might be leaking and has a manufacturers defect.


Standalone, one touch TPMS re-learn module. Enables Mitsubishi Lancer, Outlander and Mirage TPMS learn mode. Fully updatable via computer. Compatible with all TPMS trigger tools capable of triggering Mitsubishi sensors.