ATEQ Pressure Box

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The ATEQ TPMS Pressure Box is designed to allow tire repair shops and service bays to test sensors for defect prior to mounting them into the wheel. Convenient standard pneumatic dual connection on the back. One to connect air supply and an optional one to check the calibration of the gauge in use. Simple to use, just place a TPMS sensor inside the pressure box and check its pressure reading prior to mounting in the wheels. Test sensors before installation to provide a more efficient service. Holds pressures up to 70 PSI to test against almost any common tire pressure. Compatible with all currently known TPMS sensors on the market. Possible issues with a TPMS sensor that the ATEQ Pressure Box can help detect:

  • The pressure sensor port might be plugged by tire repair sealants.
  • The wrong pressure range might have been applied to the sensor, thus showing a difference between your shop gauge and TPMS reading.
  • The pressure sensor chamber might be leaking or has a manufacturing defect.
TPMS Check Box Easy Instructions: