OBDII Module for ATEQ VT55

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Replacement OBDII Module for ATEQ VT55

The ATEQ VT55 OBDII Diagnostic Tool Kit is a TPMS diagnostic tool. It is compatible with all currently known TPMS sensors including OE, Universal, Programmable and Aftermarket Sensors. For the vehicles requiring an OBDII relearn, the ATEQ VT55 OBDII includes a universal OBD connector which interfaces with the vehicle’s ECU. Simply select make, model, year of the vehicle to trigger the sensors and transfer the IDs. All-in-one TPMS diagnostic tool solution. Leading market coverage, 99% of all vehicles equipped with TPMS. Works with all OEM and Aftermarket sensors.


Works with Universal and Programmable sensors. Programs Asian vehicles via OBDII. Integrated Relearn procedures within the tool. Integrated ECU Unlocking (No additional device required for Lexus, Scion, Toyota). Integrated OE and Aftermarket Sensor Part Number lookup. Print and save sensor information to computer. Reads TPMS DTC codes on applicable models and displays error descriptions. Worldwide Technical TPMS Support. Test signal strength of key fob and smart key. Long life Li-ion rechargeable battery. Integrated RF signal activity meter.