TPMS Programmable Sensor 315 MHz

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STEELMAN Select TPMS Sensor 97357 - 315 MHz w/metal valve stem 97354. The STEELMAN Select Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Sensor is programmable with the ATEQ VT55 and VT56 tools. Just two STEELMAN Select TPMS Sensors will provide 95% vehicle coverage (VIO), which includes High Pressure vehicle applications. The STEELMAN Select TPMS Sensor is the right choice for the busy Tire Dealer, or General Repair Shop. This STEELMAN Select TPMS Sensor comes with a metal clamp-in valve stem installed. An optional Patented Rubber snap-in or Chrome Metal clamp-in valve stem can be installed, if necessary, to match the vehicles original valve stem.The STEELMAN Select TPMS Sensor providies maximum vehicle coverage with minimum inventory investment. The STEELMAN Select TPMS Sensor battery life will meet or exceed the OE Sensor battery life. The STEELMAN Select TPMS Sensor provides a longer battery life than multi-application sensors. The STEELMAN Select TPMS Sensor provides for standardized retail pricing. Keep the STEELMAN Select TPMS Sensors in stock so service technicians don't have to worry about tying up a service bay while waiting on service items, stock the parts you need today from STEELMAN.