TPMS Service Kit - 2014-2015 Corvette, Ram Promaster, Mercedes

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2014-2015 Corvette, Ram Promaster, Mercedes, TPMS Service Kit with valve stem (97337) by STEELMAN. Valve stem and clamp-in components kit to properly service the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) sensor. Material: Plastic, Anodized Aluminum, Rubber, and Electroless Nickel Plated Brass. Includes: Aluminum Valve Stem, EPDM Rubber Grommet, Hex Nut, Electroless Nickel Plated Valve Core, Metal Washer and Plastic Cap with Seal. Keep all the components necessary for servicing Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) readily available with STEELMAN’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Service Repair Kits. Each kit is individually bagged and includes properly fitting sealing cap, hex nut, rubber grommet, aluminum valve stem and valve core. The Tire Industry Association (TIA), Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) and most Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) recommend replacing the valve stem components and EPDM rubber seals on the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) equipped vehicles every time a tire is dismounted. Keep the TPMS Service Kits in stock so service technicians don't have to worry about tying up a service bay while waiting on service items, stock the parts you need today from STEELMAN.

The OEM requires that the valve stem components are replaced every time the tire is serviced on vehicles with TPMS.

Clamp-in Kit ComponentReplacement reasonResult
Grommet/SealCrack, deteriorate and leak over timeLeak path at valve stem
Hex NutPlating worn off, threads corrodeLeak path at valve stem
Valve CoreNickel plating strips leading to galvanic corrosion and seized valve coresLeak at valve core, potential broken valve stem
Valve cap with sealValve cap seal wearAllows moisture into core
Metal Washer (some applications)Washer conforms to rim during installationLeak path at valve
Snap-in Kit ComponentReplacement ReasonResult
Rubber TPMS snap-in valveCrack, deteriorate and leak over timeLeak path at valve stem

Application Guide

MakeModelYearFrequencyOE ManufacturerSteelman OE Replacement Service KitCross Reference
ChevroletCorvette2014-2015433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
ChevroletCorvette2014314.9 MHzSchrader97337N/A
MaseratiGhibli2014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
MaseratiQuattroporte2014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzC2502014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzC3002014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzC3502014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzC63 AMG2014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzCL6002014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzCL63 AMG2014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzCL65 AMG2014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzCLA2502014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzCLA45 AMG2014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzCLS5502014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzCLS63 AMG2014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzE2502014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzE3502014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzE4002014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzE5502014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzE63 AMG2014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzGL3502014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzGL4502014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzGL5502014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzGL63 AMG2014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzGLK2502014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzGLK3502014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzML3502014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzML5502014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzML63 AMG2014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzS5502014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzS63 AMG2014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzSL5502014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzSL63 AMG2014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzSL65 AMG2014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzSLK2502014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzSLK3502014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzSLK55 AMG2014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A
Mercedes-BenzSLS AMG2014433 MHzSchrader97337N/A